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mobile phones 9 Live TV app launches for iPhone

A new interactive mobile TV service for the iPhone 3G launched this week, following... 

mobile phones 12 Smartphone Market Heats Up with GPS Navigator Systems for Android and iPhone OS

The smartphone market is heating up, and this time its all about GPS navigation software.... 

mobile phones 3 The iPhone 3GS, too hot to handle?

The iPhone 3GS may not be the best purchase if you read the comments left by frustrated... 

mobile phones 7 O2 wins TG01 Smartphone rights

O2 is winning the major bids this year as it has already acquired the exclusive... 

mobile phones 12 Mobile Application Security Promised by Veracode

As mobile applications become more popular, one question lingers in our minds –... 

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mobile phones 15 Samsung Alias 2 Review

The Samsung Alias 2 is basically marketed as a music phone. However, one of its most... 

mobile phones 15 HP Ipaq 910C Review

For today, let’s deviate from our usual consumer smartphones and try to look... 

mobile phones 14 Leaked Details for the HTC Firestone

A Windows Mobile handset from HTC has surfaced. The device is named the HTC Firestone,... 

mobile phones 2 T-Mobile to Introduce the Android myTouch

As the Summer for smartphone heats up, another one is being released that will give... 

mobile phones 7 LG Neon Simple Messaging Phone

After the LG Xenon, the Korean company released another phone named the LG Neon.... 

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mobile phones 6 Future of Mobile Devices Bright with Intel and Nokia Partnership

On Tuesday, Intel, the world’s largest semiconductor chip maker, and Nokia, one of the leading manufacturers of mobile phones and mobile devices, announced their partnership in developing future mobile devices. This announcement could serve as the cornerstone for the future of mobile devices and the mobile market. Both companies are still silent... [Read more of this review]

mobile phones 15 Samsung GT-I6320C TV Phone

Yesterday, Samsung announced one of their latest phone for this year - the Samsung GT-I6320C TV phone bound for the Chinese 3G Network. The GT-I6320C will operate on Network, TD-HSDPA, TD-SCDMA, 3G and CMMB. The phone’s main feature is obviously its built-in TV capabilities that would allow customers to watch TV in 150 cities across China. The... [Read more of this review]

mobile phones 4 Future for Java Mobile Edition Uncertain with Oracle

For those of you who may not know, Sun Microsystems was recently acquired by Oracle. But what is the relevance for this bit of info? Well, for one, Sun Microsystems is the developer of Java Mobile Edition (formerly J2ME) - the ones you see advertised on smartphones and the the basis of most third-party applications for Research In Motion’s BlackBerry... [Read more of this review]

mobile phones 4 Dell Smartphone - Could it Succeed?

Talks and rumors of a Dell smartphone may actually be more than just rumors. Dell CEO Michael Dell recently confirmed the company’s move towards what they refer to as “smaller-screen devices.” This statement was issued by Dell last March 24 while traveling in Japan. This is news for a lot of people but not really that surprising. Rival... [Read more of this review]

mobile phones 8 HTC Maple to be Launched by April

The internet community - those geeks constantly waiting for the next big thing - is abuzz with HTC’s announcement of its new HTC Maple. The Maple is supposed to be released in the US by next month to coincide with the International CTIA Wireless 2009 exhibition slated to start on April 1. The HTC Maple appears to have a trackball like BlackBerry... [Read more of this review]

mobile phones 6 Samsung marketers hire fake Pink

Samsung has hired pop singer Pink to promote its Tocco and Pixon handsets, or so it says. A Pink tribute artist (i.e. a fake Pink) turned up at a local Carphone Warehouse store to launch the Samsung promotion. We are in the middle of the credit crunch, so perhaps we can forgive them for not being able to afford the real thing. Or maybe Samsung’s... [Read more of this review]

mobile phones 10 Free 8GB IPhone from Softbank

A few days ago, I wrote about a $99 iPhone from Best Buy. Now we have news that Softbank, Apple’s partner and the iPhone carrier in Japan, plans to introduce a new program Friday that will give some iPhones away for free with a new two-year contract. This deal is basically for new subscribers who is going to sign up for a plan starting on Friday.... [Read more of this review]

mobile phones 1 Sharp, Nissan Built-in Electronic Car Key

I’m sure you’ve seen those videos and blog posts about cell phones able to unlock cars. By now everybody should know that those were hoaxes. Well, pretty soon, that may also become a reality. Sharp, Nissan and NTT DoCoMo, Japan’s leading cellular carrier, has developed the world’s first built-in electronic car key. It’s... [Read more of this review]

mobile phones 10 Why trading in your mobile phone makes sense

A lot of people don’t realise that they can trade in their old mobile phones when they buy a new one. While major outlets such as Carphone Warehouse and Phones4U may not take your old phone, there are plenty of companies who do. For example, Mobile Phone Exchange has become one of the leading places in the UK where old mobile phones can be traded... [Read more of this review]

mobile phones 3 Smart Phones Surpassing PDAs

Smart phones have taken the world by storm. There was a time when a phone was just a phone that simply allowed you to talk with someone that wasn’t in your presence. As technology has become more compact, so have the capabilities of the communication devices. Most phones that are on the market have some smart phone capabilities. There are... [Read more of this review]